New Stock of Lock Boxes and Container Vents

Just in time for your spring and summer clean up, if you're purchasing a used shipping container chances are it doesn't come equipped with an adequate lock box to protect your lock and the possessions inside of the storage container, or ample ventalation that keeps moisture to a minimum by allowing air circulation. Luckily, we've got just the products for you.

Bolt-on Storage Container Lock Boxes

Bolt on lock boxes can be installed quickly, and greatly increases the security of your storage unit. In a nutshell, a lock box is a steel house that your lock lives in. An exposed lock can be quickly clipped and the contents of your container can be stolen or damaged. A lock box provides an extra layer of protection that prevents would-be thieves. There are two types of lock boxes available on the market: weld on, and bolt on. Weld on lock boxes are typically installed at the factory, and require welding equipment to attach them to the doors. A bolt on lock box comes wiht the necessary hardware and the installer only needs a drill an basic tools to install the box to the door.

After Market Shipping Container Vents

Shipping containers are equipped with small "breather" vents that allow for minimal airflow, but this type of vent isn't adequate if you live in an area with regular condensation and high and low temperature shifts between the day and night. Just like condensation forming on the outside of a cold beverage or soda can can build, the very same thing can happen in a shipping container. The best way to manage these temperature shifts is to provide a way that air can flow through container in a simple manner. Vents can be installed by cutting holes where the vents are needed, and bolted or welded into place.

If you have any questions on any of our products, their specifications, or how to install them, please contact us directly and one of our staff will be happy to help.

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