About ContainerLockBox.com

ContainerAuction, Inc was founded in 2010 and is working to become a global leader in the sale of new and used shipping containers, and container related products. In 2012 we began developing ContainerLockBox.com in order to provide high quality, affordable lock boxes for shipping containers.

We provide high quality parts and accessories for shipping containers of all types, as well as new and used shipping containers through our online shipping container auction, ContainerAuction.com.

We work directly with shipping lines, container manufacturers, leasing companies, and traders around the world to help find suitable buyers for their equipment. All of our auctions take place online through our custom online auction platform.

Our news

Just in time for your spring and summer clean up, if you're purchasing a used shipping container chances are it doesn't come equipped with an
Shelving installed on the inside of a shipping or storage container can help you organize your belongings better, and if done properly it won’t cost